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  Ariel Plat DZ972F8-White Steam Shower
Ariel Platinum DZ972F8W Steam Shower Unit Photo

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List Price: $5,999.00
Our Price: $4,490.00
Dimensions: 59 x 32 x 87.4 in


Description Technical Specs Extended Information
The Ariel Platinum DZ972F8W is our most popular steam shower unit.

This exclusive unit comes with a 6KW steam generator. This means your steam shower will fill up quicker and heat faster.

The new Ariel Platinum steam shower series has an elegant look with clear and black glass. The unique features of this steam shower consist of the following: - Clear tempered glass - Front - White rear and side panels - Touch screen control panel - Innovative LED display - 6KW steam generator - 20 body jets - Chromatherapy lighting - Interior access panel - 2 square rainfall shower heads - Adjustable hand held shower head - Radio with speaker system - The ceiling and floor of the shower are decorated with wood panels - Easy steam cleaning feature - Heat sensor - Ventilation fan - Storage shelf - Aromatherapy ready - 2 removable stools

Therapeutic Benefits
For thousands of years, many enlightened cultures have found true relaxation in the soothing warmth of steam baths. Steam uses the body's own natural defenses to fight disease and maintain good health. The sauna's heat and moisture raises the body's temperature, which boost the immune system and expels toxins. Natural steam revives pores and rejuvenates skin, improves circulation, relaxes aching muscles, cures insomnia, relieves rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, and reduces stress.

Metabolic Benefits
This unit has an extremely efficient, high-speed motor, which can produce spa-quality, professional steam quickly. A 15-20 minute sauna treatment will raise your heart rate by 25% to 50%, strengthening the cardiovascular system. The heat increases blood circulation, which enables the bloodstream to transport more nutrients to where the body needs it most. A healthy body will burn calories more efficiently so you'll lose weight more effectively. And you can customize your own personal health regimen with the fully-programmable, state-of-the-art LCD control panel. The panel's computer regulates every sauna function, including all the creature comfort controls.

Product Image
Touchscreen Computerized Control Panel
This futuristic design is similar to what you would expect to find on your favorite MP3 player. All you do is touch the glass and the control panel will work. This will save the control panel from any wear and tear, which will optimize the life of your shower.

Extremely easy to operate with simple controls that you will be able to figure out instantly. The panel allows you to control the power, steam, time settings, temperature, ventilator, chromatherapy, radio, channel memory, volume, and radio frequency in one convenient location. It truly does not get any easier than this and you will never find yourself wasting time reading the manual like with many other electronic devices.


Innovative Display Behind Glass
The controls are made visible through an LED display on the other side of the glass.

Recent Upgrade - 6KW Steam Generator W/ Safety Release Valve - 2X More Than Our Competiton
This product is special because it includes a 6KW steam generator (instead of the typical 3KW), which will allow you to fill up the shower with steam at a faster rate, thus saving you valuable time. This 220V system has been proven to run more efficient.

Installation cost for wiring new lines on a 220V unit will be cheaper since the wires will be smaller than a 110V unit.

Recent Upgrade - 20 Massage Jets - Instead Of 12
The massage jets are great for relieving your body’s stress, as they are specially aligned in order to melt the tension away from your body. The Chinese believe that there are 14 different pathway points into the human body, which is similar to acupuncture, and these jets are made to hit these spots perfectly. This will help relieve any pain that you might be feeling, will improve your body’s circulation, and will replenish your energy levels. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Chromatherapy - Multi-colored Wellness Lighting
 (we improved our units with 6 light bulbs instead of 1)

Chromatherapy is a proven method of revitalization, as the use of light can change your biorhythms. This can help you to remain healthy, as it will give you more energy and reduce your levels of stress. Different colors will affect you differently, which is why these showers come with six different colors for you to use based on your current mood.
  Recent Upgrade - Easy Access Panel Inside Shower
Easy access panel conveniently located inside the shower to eliminate moving the entire unit for routine maintenance.

2 Square Executive Rainwater Showerheads - Large
At the end of a long day, nothing is more revitalizing than rinsing off in the rain and this is now possible with one of these showers. The showerhead is made to mimic rainwater as closely as possible. This will make you feel as though you are outside cooling down in some fresh rainwater, without a care in the world.

Adjustable Showerhead
This showerhead will give you the ultimate in flexibility, as you can adjust it wherever you need it the most. People come in different shapes and sizes, so this particular feature is great for people who have had problems finding the right shower functions in the past. You will definitely have a great shower now thanks to this feature.

High-Quality Speaker System
The high-quality speaker system will encase you in your favorite music. Since you will have glass all around you, the acoustics will make it sound like a surround-sound speaker system that is connected to the radio. It's your one-stop, one-button entertainment center.
Recent Upgrade - Wood Paneling On The Top & Bottom
This creates a lodge type of look for your shower, so you can feel like you are at a luxurious resort every time you take a shower. This will be unlike any shower you have ever had before.
Recent Upgrade - Steam Cleaning System
The new cleaning system is located inside the shower so you don't have to move the shower away from the wall to pour cleaning solution in the steam generator for routine maintenance.
  Built in Heat Sensor
This feature allows for you to set a temperature and have your steam stay at this temperature the entire time. You will not have to constantly open the door or turn the heat up because this will all be handled for you.
  Ventilation Fan
If you find that things are getting too hot or steamy, simply turn on the fan and get some ventilation. If you have ever tried to shower right after someone else has been in there, you know exactly how important this feature is.

There is a storage shelf to store your valuables.
  Tempered Safety Glass
The safety glass is 6 mm thick, which makes it strong.  It also keeps in the heat very well.
Aromatherapy Ready
The steam diffuser is the location where the aromatherapy steam is released, creating one of the most relaxing shower experiences you have ever been a part of.

Stool Seating
This feature is very popular because it gives users more room in the shower on days where they want to take a normal shower, but also provides seating for days when a steam shower is necessary.

Position yourself in front of the jets to receive a relaxing massage that you will think about all day. These jets are the best in the business and will provide you with exactly what you need.

Better system and performance
If you have ever purchased one of these units in the past, just know that these newer versions have been improved greatly, due to advances in technology. You have truly never experienced a shower like this before.

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